Facilities Condition Assessment and Facilities Master Plan

Highly Specialized Labs

From makerspaces to a suite of design and fab labs, provide easy access and showcase activities within.

Inquiry-based and experiential (hands-on) learning activities have a direct relationship to SCUSD's LCAP goals for Growth in Graduation to support College and Career Readiness. The labs will support these learning modalities to support another LCAP goal of providing a a solid Foundational Educational Experience to empower SCUSD students. Specialized Labs support a variety of functions, from specialized science to robotics and everything in between, and they should be integrated at all grade levels.

SCUSD envisions a flexible framework for making learning environments that adapt over time. Technology is an integral component of today’s educational environment, and it will only expand its influence on both methodologies and content. An increase in the complexity of the work and the equipment being used in society requires specialized equipment to interface with new technologies. At the same time, those technologies are constantly changing, often requiring whole new support systems. Spaces that support future education will need to be both specialized and flexible. While specialized labs are more prevalent at the secondary school level, many of these programs will continue to filter down to lower grades in the future.